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Our Mission

Moore Integrity Engineering (MIE) offers independent, objective systems engineering and technical assistance consulting services for both government and commercial clients. We aim to revolutionize the approach to complex systems, from conceptualization to maintenance.

With decades of expertise in OSA and MBE technologies, MIE assists programs in transitioning to flexible modular systems. This transition leads to significant cost and time reductions for incorporating new technologies into sophisticated systems. Modularity enables interchangeability of system components, promoting the development of common products and product line architectures.

Additionally, MIE provides support for developing transitional business plans, risk reduction through research and development and risk management during the transition from existing stove-piped systems to interoperable modules.


Michael Scott Moore, Ph.D., founded Moore Integrity Engineering in 2017 with a specific mission: to improve government acquisition programs. While various initiatives had been attempted with some success, Dr. Moore noticed emerging tools like open standards, module architectures and Model-Based Systems Engineering were not widely adopted in mainstream procurement practices. This disparity began the work we continue today.

As MIE has grown, our vision has expanded; the challenges of achieving modularity in complex systems acquisition extend beyond defense. Threats evolve rapidly with limited resources, requiring adaptable, cost-effective solutions developed quickly. MIE has been bridging the gap between existing developments and the lasting changes needed to address modern and future challenges, facilitating the cultural shift required for lasting change.

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